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Morrell Nature Sanctuary

About Us

With conservation in mind, William Morrell, a local contractor, donated this land in 1973 for the public's enjoyment. We are supported solely by donations, membership fees and, in the past, a gaming grant from the BC Provincial Government. If you are not already a member, please consider joining and helping us to support this lovely property.

Morrell Sanctuary's mission is twofold:


Our conservation efforts are wide-ranging at Morrell. As a mature second growth forest, the Sanctuary is a storehouse of native biodiversity. Our conservation initiatives are aimed towards maintaining the health of the forest for generations to come.

These initiatives include:

  • Trail Maintenance
  • Invasive Species Removal
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Population Monitoring


Nature education is key for developing a deep love and reverence for the natural world. It inspires us to protect and preserve the environment, while also providing the knowledge needed to make sustainable choices.

Our educational programs are built to reveal the interconnectedness of all of life, and help to cultivate a shared sense of wonder and responsibility to our planet. We offer the following:

  • Elementary School Programs
  • Guest Speaker Talks
  • Seniors Programs

Interested in being part of what we do? We'd love to have you. By volunteering with us, you'll gain hands-on experience and make a positive impact on our local ecosystems. From trail maintenance to educational programs, we offer various opportunities for you to be part of our conservation and education efforts. Click the button below to learn more.

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Help Us Do More

Be part of our mission! Your donation to Morrell Sanctuary will help us protect and preserve this forest for future generations. We strive to be stewards of nature through trail maintenance, invasive species removal, habitat restoration, and education programs. Join us in making a meaningful impact — donate now to help us safeguard this valuable ecosystem. Thank you for your support!


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